Repeat Saturday’s: Music Favorites

You know what it is, it’s Repeat Saturday’s: Music Favorites and I have a list of hot artists that dropped some awesome songs this month.

When I heard that VIXX LR came out with a new song and mini album of course I had to check that out. Ever since ‘Beautiful Liar’ I wanted more from the duo and ‘whisper’ was a pretty satisfying reply. With the subtle hints of references to their previous songs and the blue/red contrast between the two its a rather pretty aesthetic mv. I found that the song didn’t go the way it expected to, the beats and vocals plus the rap I found to be top notch and the best so far I find personally for this unit. I loved their mini album my favorites was this song and ‘Feeling’ but check the full mini album because its honestly a hit.

VIXX LR ‘Whisper’ + Mini album 

Hyuna ‘Babe’ + ‘Following’ Mini album 

I was super stoked to hear too that Hyuna made a comeback right before summer ended. Her song ‘Babe’ was something different from what she does but still has that Hyuna ‘vibe’ and ‘style’ to it. Also because she sang for majority of the time which is a new mix to it but with the genre it blended well. Her mini album I enjoyed especially ‘self-portrait’ and overall its another solid album and a bop definitely.

Hoody ‘Hangang’

Now this is a new artist I came across recently and have been wanting to know more info about her. Seeing as she came from an all female hip-hop underground group Amourette (AMRT) which consisted of KittiB, Nieah, and SERI. Instantly I was drawn to her vocals they had this airy, light feel not too heavy but kept pace to the song’s background music. I really love the instrumentals to the song it had a groovy and grounded sound. I definitely would love to hear more songs from her a definite repeat for days on days.

Taeyang ‘Wake me up’ & ‘Darling’ + ‘White’ Full album 

I am so so so happy that Taeyang came back with two tracks plus a full album it felt like the world of Kpop was being graced with this haha. But seriously Taeyang’s my ultimate bias (very lose to BAP’s Yongguk) and falling in love with ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘I need a girl’ were my bop. In general I found his album to have this sense of purity with it being title ‘white’ and for some reason a vulnerable album at that. A lot of piano and ballad like tracks but some upbeat tunes in the mix as well. Perhaps because it’ll be the last album before he goes to enlistment *cries* hopefully we’ll hear more soon. The cover itself is just stunning and if you watch the behind the scenes you can see he personally helped in designing the cover; a unique cover design at that with the dried flowers someting about it screams DIY.

Daniel Caesar feat.Kali Uchis  ‘Get you’ + ‘Freudian’ Full album 

I have to say Get You was honestly the most replayed song among the ones I have on this list (even more than Taeyang’s surprisingly). And its mostly because one of my favorite choreographers freestyled to it; Ian Eastwood (you can check the video out here) and honestly I’m glad to still have checked up on it because I would be missing out on a dope artist. His vocals are like woooooo mannnn I can’t even being to describe it ahaha. Its like honey the notes he goes from one to the next are seamless and actually aren’t that strained. His debut album represents a very deep and symbolic meaning if you want to go in depth here’s a link to an interview here.

Other notable songs to mention…

MOON Yirang feat. Hoody ‘Aphasia’

Bablyon ‘lalala’ feat Chungha Choreography ver. 

Heize ‘In the time spent with you’ 

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