Repeat Saturday’s: Music favorites

I’m back again with the repeat saturday’s for some more music thats been popping up at the moment. July has been a great month for new music releases especially since it’s summer so we can get some great hits for those sunny days. So without further ado here are my favorite songs from this month (I won’t write a mini paragraph for all of them because the music can speak for themselves):

KARD (Hola Hola + 1st mini album)

I’ve been following up with KARD since their pre-debut days and I was super excited for their debut song. Hola Hola still has the tropical, dancehall style music that I really like and that they kept as their concept. I definitely love their choreo and the music video wasn’t too flashy or extravagant but it had that feel good vibe. My favorite songs from their mini album are “never stop” and “living good”.

EXO (Ko Ko Bop + ‘The War’ full album)

EXO is another group I’ve been feeling recently especially as their title song ‘Ko Ko Bop” had the similar tropical/reggae sound that’s perfect for the summer. And I don’t have to say but honestly this EXO comeback they all look INSANELY handsome like damn they stepped it up (I see you Chen *wink wink*). Their music video was just aesthetically vibrant with those fantastic edits of hamburgers that floated around haha. And their entire album by the way is fire, my favorites are “The eve”, “What U do”, and “Walk on memories” as they have this almost stripped down, chill vibe to it.

Jessi (Gucci + ‘Un2verse’ 1st mini album)

My girl Jessi pulling out with Gucci to which I’m finally happy with a song that perfectly describes her in one word. This song and album really showed her colors as an artist through her music. Bright with the popping aesthetics, hard hitting rap and energizing dance I couldn’t be more proud of her artistic vision being put to reality. Her mini album I also really enjoyed and to be honest I loved all the songs and can’t really choose a favorite (but if I have to “My walk feat. Year of the OX” and “Spirit animal”).

Zico (Artist & Anti + ‘Television’ 2nd mini album)

Both of Zico’s title songs “Artist” and “Anti” showed his dual side to who he is as a rapper, songwriter, and producer. I’m always expecting a banging track that’ll be addictive. With “Artist” I had a more vibrant Zico with the amusing/comedic music video and infectious melody. To the little girls dancing, animals, bright colors and funny animation/special effects. It was more on the fun, light hearted side than compared to “Anti”. ‘Anti” had more of an angsty feel with the dark colors, dirty beat, and the lyrics that talked about the perspective of an anti-fan (talk about deep). Also I just feel in love with the whole album my favorites are “Fanxy Child”, “Behind the scenes”, and “Bermuda Triangle feat. Dean & Crush”.

Sunday – Groovyroom + ‘Everywhere’ full album

I’ve been into Groovyroom for a bit especially since he’s collabed with artists such as Heize, Jay Park, Ailee, and Dok2 to name a few. I just love his producing and his album had the range of Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and Pop that blended well where it wasn’t too overwhelming. I especially enjoyed the artists that were featured on this album; my favorites also included “Sunday feat. Jay Park & Heize”, “Loyalty feat. Ailee & Dok2”, and “YNF feat. Nafla & Verbal Jint”.

Paradise – Millic feat. Fanxy Child 

Water – Dumbfounded feat. G.Soul

Yamazaki – Bang Yongguk 

Yacht – Jay Park feat. Sik.K 

And that concludes my repeat saturday’s I hope you found some new music/artists to listen to for the summer (I sure did). Like, comment, share and follw my blog to keep up to date for posts just like these and more!


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