Drama Review: Suspicious Partner

Hey everyone! So today I’ll be reviewing the drama suspicious partner which stars Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon and Nara. It aired from May 10 to July 13 with 40 episodes.

What I liked about this drama was the law/thriller infused with rom-com that isn’t too overbearing for me to digest in watching. The plot I thought was well developed that fit well into the style without any awkwardness. I wasn’t sure if 40 episodes was too much as I felt the story could be dragged on for too long. But it actually managed to entertain me until the end; although I wasn’t sure if the last episode felt more like for me a filler or a just ending. The cast was such a dream team with how their chemistry functioned in the drama. I have a lot of favorite scenes that I remembered and the whole OST album I loved.

Ji Chang WookWhen I knew that Ji Chang Wook was in the drama I was curious to how he would fit in this role. Turns out he was better than I expected to be, playing a prosecutor who’s witty and a workaholic. It was different seeing him in this setting for a drama that has a rom-com feel to it with the music and editing (especially because it’s his first time in a rom-com). But Chang Wook pulled it off his character with ease and class. I liked Ji Wook as he was this serious, and passionate prosecutor who had the sense of justice to put away the bad guys in court. There was this charm to Ji Wook that I couldn’t help but fall in love with while watching. Especially his mad outbursts during his staff meetings that showed his sometimes childish side for someone thats mature and responsible. Also seeing him go through being a prosecutor to a lawyer and struggling with how much he wants to be a prosecutor especially when he deals with a cunning suspect in a murder case.

Nam Ji hyunIt’s hard to follow up Chang Wook seeing as how an influence he is in dramas but Nam Ji Hyun is one to stand on her own. Eun Bong-Hee I found first impression to be confident, quirky, and tough, qualities that I don’t see in main female roles. I know I say it often but now I’m starting to see more female characters in dramas that aren’t weak, boring and flat. She always cracks me up in episodes especially where she banters with Ji Wook, and her other coworkers. She also kick butts whenever I see her fight because she has a black belt in taekwondo so those are great scenes I like watching. Bong Hee goes through this whole ordeal of being branded a murderer and struggling while pursuing to be a lawyer. Her character arc changes a lot and I found it to be a smart move with the writers because it generates more of an interest for the drama. Especially because it extends for 40 episodes (than the regular 16) there’s more of a plot that complements the whole cast and not just solely her. The chemistry that she has with Chang Wook was electrifying as they both are intertwined in both their past families lives that affect them as a couple and that was an interesting twist that I enjoyed.

Ji Eun HyeokNara

Both Ji Eun Hyeok (Choi Tae joon) and Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) both added another layer to the storyline and with Bong Hee and Ji Wook’s ensuing romance. I’ve seen Choi Tae Joon on Hello Counsellor and knew that he acted but I hadn’t seen him in any dramas until now. But I found his character Ji Eun Hyeok to be funny and serious at the same time but is a good hearted lawyer and friend to Ji Wook. Especially when in the past he ends up nearly losing his friendship to Ji Wook.

I just have to mention that even though I said the OST was good I wanted to elaborate a bit. The songs perfectly fit in with the drama for the style especially and I loved the artists that were in it. They definitely suited the drama for this and it’s something that can be very exaggerated and can be overbearingly cutesy (for me anyways). I suggest to listen to O.When’s “How do I say it?”, RA.D’s “The same day”, Kim Jong Wan of Nell’s “The memory of that day”, and  Bumkey’s “Breathing all day”. Majority of the songs have a very light, easy going melody that I would enjoy if I was just sitting around relaxing or just jamming on a sunny day (giving me the feels haha). But please give it a listen below and see how you’ll like this OST.

Otherwise, it’s a drama I’d put in my top 10 so far just because I really enjoyed the storyline, characters, dialogue and music. All I have to say is that it’s worth watching 40 episodes for this drama so go and watch it!!!

So that concludes my Drama Review for Suspicious partner, please give it a like, share, comment and follow my blog for more updates like these and I shall see you next time!


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