Repeat Saturday’s: Music favorites

I thought that I should introduce a new blog post segment called “Repeat Saturday’s: Music favorites”. It’ll be on a rotation with my other blog post regulars, I hope to introduce some new artists and share some dope music.

I’ve been really experimenting with different types of music whether house, edm, acoustic, pop, r&b its been interesting the kind of artists I’ve discovered. I’ll start off with artists I’ve been really jamming to in the past month.


I honestly love anything Dean in it because his producing, collaborations and vocals are always consistent. There hasn’t been a song I haven’t liked from Dean just yet (I hope not haha) but for the most part its been solid. These songs have been a recent listen to/repeat for me just because the melodies are refreshing. He’s very grounded in his music and I respect very much how he’s stayed true to himself.


I actually discovered Nafla quite recently and I’ve been sleeping on himmmmmm like what the actualy heck?! His music has that hip hop sound I love combined with his flow and interesting lyrics. Actually it was through Henry’s new song that I even came across Nafla; if I didn’t heck I’d be missing it out even longer. Truly appreciate his songs and I’m excited to see some more hype tracks to be dropped in the future.


Seeing as how Sistar did one this last song as a group before they split, its sad but I’m happy that I’ll still be seeing them on dramas and continuing with music. This song in particular is laidback, slow especially with the acoustic guitar. The lyrics and vocals for me just make me want to repeat over and over because its so addicting.


Loco’s album had such groovy, feel good vibes and I loved all the tracks some more than others but I thought this was a home run for me. I don’t need to say more as you need to take listen to the whole album. My favorite on the track is of course with Dean haha but I do love all the other songs and collabs as well.

This sums up my music favorites, I hope you guys find some new artists to listen to as always like, comment, share and follow my blog for more updates!






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