Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Helloooo so today I’ll be reviewing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, a 2016 drama starring Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo. Directed by Lee Hyung-Min, written by Baek Mi-Kyeong with 16 episodes and a special episode.

I have to say that this drama was one of the few ones I thoroughly enjoyed despite it being sometimes lovey dovey (rom com).  It had the action/thriller part which blended so well with the drama and the characters. It had a well rounded cast who have immersed in their roles that has such great chemistry that it didn’t seem fake. Even all the episodes there weren’t any fillers, because the continuing plot that stretched over (instead where some dramas stop the story around ep 14 or 15 and the last 2 ones end up being just random fluff) and was entertaining until the end.

Do Bong SoonPark Bo Young (Who plays Do Bong Soon) portrays the strong heroine that has superhuman strength. I really loved her character so much, she broke the stereotypes of Korean drama female characters that few write about. She’s just so witty, funny, cute and lovable. I found her to be charming too which is why I enjoyed the drama even more! Not only does she go through this character arc that builds her up as a heroine; but also seeing that she’s most of all a normal, struggling human being with extraordinary powers. It was an interesting opposite seeing how her brother not possessing the strenght but the brains, it was a unique venture. It was a creative approach for the writer to have this peanut sized but very powerful girl as the main protagonist an unexpected character. Park Bo Young did a great job with her character and captivated me, such a pleasure to see and definitely an actress I don’t get bored seeing in any scene.

Park Hyung SikPark Hyung Sik (who plays Ahn Min Hyeok) is the chaebol CEO of AinSoft a gaming company and who falls in love with Do Bong Soon. I didn’t recognize nor recall that he was in ZE:A (maybe because I just associated Kwanghee the most because he was one of the popular members in the group) so seeing as he can act, sing and dance was a perfect package. Buuuut I’m suppose to review his acting (haha I could just slip it in here and there) and to be honest for an idol transitioned actor he’s absorbed and committed to it. Min Hyeok was quite a character that had some different features to him whether it be his serious CEO position or annoying the heck out of Ji Soo (which happens a lot haha) he’s never disappointed to me. A well written character that had its up and downs especially in his character arc that resolves in a way that makes sense. I find that when characters who have the problems that influence the drama once it finishes they end up being fillers and I just don’t like that. His cheesy side with Bong Soon should be on the top list of Kdrama couples, because they’re absolutely adorable. I also have to commend for throwing in the gay concept around Min Hyeok to which very very few dramas even accept it let only play around with it. Even the crossdressing with the guys definitely was refreshing to see, I praise the writer for this.

Ji Soo #3Ji Soo (who plays In Gook Doo) is the detective who always follows the law and serve justice; who’s also Do Bong Soon’s high school friend. At first I found Gook Doo to be this cool but sort of jerky friend that’s just friends with Bong Soon because of a mutual friend (i.e Bong Soon’s younger brother). He brings the much more serious side to the drama which introduces the thriller aspect. I liked how his character already had a girlfriend (Played by Seol In-A) because it didn’t already make a love triangle with Min Hyeok and Bong Soon so easy. The writer chose great timing into his character providing more of the friend role than someone to be “the other option for a boyfriend” for Bong Soon. He was never casted aside as this second option but rather supported throughout this drama.

I also really loved the OST soundtrack from this drama especially because majority of the songs have this bubbly atmosphere that fits with the mood of the drama. Especially some of my favorites include Jeong Eunji’s “You are my garden”, Mamamoo “Double Trouble Couple”, and Vromance “I’m in love”. Although I’d have to say Park Hyung Sik’s “Because of you” was a special one since I really loved his vocals so much in this song. This OST soundtrack gets me addicted to the melodies and the vocals so much haha.

In general I found the plot to be one that was well thought over all episodes (not on filler) and there was the comic relief in between which made it even more lovable. All the main and minor roles played into each other never one being left out and I was eager to find out what went on aside from the main character’s own problems. Never did I really find any major inconsistencies with the dialogue or anything else; almost flawless I should say. I’ve enjoyed it more than I really have and honestly I’m just going to post all these favorite moments from the drama because words can’t describe how much it’ll be in my heart ❤

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed this drama review I certainly did, as always please like, comment, follow and share this post 🙂 And most importantly give this drama a watch I’m certainly there’ll be a couple of you who’ll love it like I did.


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