Drama Review: Defendant

Hello all ~ Today’s Drama Review will be “Defendant” a 2016 South Korean drama that aired on SBS from from January 23 to March 21. Starring Ji Sung, Uhm Ki-Joon and Kwon Yuri.

What I loved about this drama was the surprise plot twists and turns when you first get into the drama. Already the first episode it has a build up to the main plot that evenly balances out for the entire drama. It never had a flat or filler moments within the episodes and I’m always anticipated but taken surprise. The scriptwriter did a superb job of writing a well written script for all the characters whether main or supporting. But let’s get on with the characters in this drama:

defendantUsually I’d talk about individual characters but I thought I’d do this differently and talk about two characters at the same time. Park Jung Woo (played by Ji Sung) is the prosecutor that has to prove his innocence. Initially I see him as a underdog struggling to work past the corrupt prison and law institutions. Ji Sung as an actor was able to change his character’s personality from being very lovable, warm and courageous to a desperate, aggravated so-called murderer. It’s amazing seeing the way he acts on scenes. He seamlessly is able to flow through the highs and lows of his character’s state throughout the drama. Even his character arc is dramatically transitioning throughout the drama giving it more depth. Cha Min Ho and Cha Son Heo (played by Uhm Ki-Joon) are the twin brothers of Chamyung. Going deeper into the lives of both the twins I found that Min Ho was the more neglected twin compared to Son Heo who was the “perfect” son both managing Chamyung and having a family. This family conflict sets of a lot of the misfortunes in this drama that also affect Park Jung Woo. Uhm Ki-Joon was also as equally strong with Ji Sung as both their character’s butt heads in this drama frequently. I find their relationship to be a main reason why Jung Woo is put into such a desperate situation. That and they both have similar personalites in terms of their goals and ambition.

On the other hand the 2 women of this drama were creating dynamic directions for the drama. Seo Eun Hye (played by Kwon Yuri) is the young public defender sides with Jung Woo and proves his innocence. I felt that even though she was the lead actress I felt she was more in a supporting role for Jung Woo. I don’t mean that in a bad way but I feel like her character gets overshadowed (especially Cha Min Ho) easily sometimes. Maybe its just me but that was how I felt about her role in the drama. Other than that she’s been solid throughout from start to end; having memorable highlights in some scenes. Both Eun Hye and Jung Woo have this chemistry where they both have a mutual trust and turn from rivals to allies.

Na Yeon-Hee (played by Uhm Hyun Kyung) is the wife of Cha Seon Ho (who is then replaced by Min Ho). It was my first time seeing her act in any drama’s for me and at first I thought that she wouldn’t be as prominent in the drama. Mainly just because I found her character, Yeon Hee to be timid and passive despite her strained tensions of keeping up an act and obeying people. Even as a character I felt that she could have pushed for more but I think her effect as she was designed to be balanced the hot and intense characters.

In terms of the dialogue in the drama I found it almost with barely any faut, mainly because it didn’t include crappy lines. Or that the timing for the scrip was placed really well, creating more of an effect. I really liked how they took the time to have Jung Woo develop relationships with the inmates in the prison. I thought that they would have easily overlooked it or it being insignificant. But actually it creates more drama within the original plot and more twists (making it more fun). The OST I enjoyed, it supported perfectly the drama in terms of cues for climatic scenes. There a lot of instrumentals, to which I think was a good choice for the drama. If they used lyrics I don’t think it would have that effect for the scene, so the instrumentals were nailed. Also shoutouts to the following characters that made this drama spectacular; Kang Sung-min (Played as Yoon Tae Soo), Oh Chang-Suk (Played as Kang Joon-Hyuk), Park Ho-San (Played as Prosecutor Choi Dae-Hong), Kim Min-Suk (Played as Lee Sung-gyoo).

Honestly there is so much more I could talk about this drama but I’ll end it here with what I’ve wanted to say. All I have to say is this drama is definitely one to watch and I would recommend it to anyone. As always please like, comment, share and subscribe to my blog for more drama reviews, K-beauty, Music!


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