My favorite K-Beauty Youtube channels!

Hello lovelies! I really wanted to write this post about some of my favorite K-Beauty Youtube channels that I’ve been on a daily basis watching and learning about skincare/makeup. Especially Korean skincare/makeup to which I’ve totally fallen in love with. Without further ado I’ll introduce these amazing and helpful channels so please give them a watch and subscribe:

Joan Kim


Starting off, one of the K-beauty channels I watch on a DAILY basis (legit I follow her on all SNS accounts haha) is the amazing Joan Kim. Originally from California and now based out of South Korea; Joan is always the one to be reviewing new makeup and skincare products. Aside from that she also daily vlogs and has collaborated with Youtubers such as Sunnydahye, Edward Avila, Charlotte Cho, Amy from Vagabond Youth to name a few.

What I love about Joan is her consistency and interesting content of videos as she doesn’t only do skincare and makeup but beyond that. She also has done hauls, cafes, monthly favorites to name a few. I absolutely looooove her editing style as it’s clean, and fresh not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Her skincare and make up reviews are honest and never misleading and genuinely she loves sharing her knowledge about K-Beauty. And as well I always enjoy her personality and shares so much of her life with us to which I’m so grateful for ❤

Some of my favorite videos include: Where to find popular K-beauty brands in Seoul, Korean Skincare 101: The best creams for Moisture & Hydration, Makeup collection: 100+ lip product, How to pronounce Korean beauty brands ft. April (에이프릴) | Monthly Idol & Top 3 Warehouse cafes in Seoul, Korea 

Edward Avila


Another channel favorite and always notifications on all the timmmmeeee haha is Edward Avila! He’s also from California (same as Joan) who’s now based out of South Korea; his content and personality constantly entertain you. Also I have to say as one of the few guys that does make up on Youtube I greatly appreciate all his content and reviews. I think one of the big reasons I constantly keep coming back to Edward is his personality (i.e. snapchat if you guys know what I mean haha). I love his other videos that include my friend’s makeup, monthly hits, shits and I guess she lits, and vlogs.

In terms of content he’s also been someone I trust on his opinion for skincare and make up products. I’m also such a huge fan of his editing, its never a miss the same with his background music. He’s also collaborated with Youtubers and Idols such as Beauty Beasts, Kenny Boy slay, Aoora, Hotshot, Sunnydahye, Joan, Kim dao to name a few. His thorough knowldege and reviews on the latest products help me as a consumer decide on which products I want to spend my money on (and some I don’t want to).

Some of my favorite videos include: Laneige two tone tint lip bars , Pony effect customizing lip palette + Mixing palette, April’s hits, shits & I guess she lits , Korean cushion foundations review | Best and Worst, K-Pop Idols try to do my makeup & Dealing with bullshit + My actualy ethnicity lol | GRWM



Next we have Sunnydahye another K-Beauty Youtuber who grew up in Indonesia and now is based out of Seoul, South Korea. A lot of her reviews is not only focused on Korean makeup/skincare but also Japanese skincare/makeup products as well. Plus not only being able to speak Korean and English she also is fluent in Indonesian which is amazing (she even does vlogs in Indonesian which you should check out!). I always keep coming back to her because of her personality, editing and reviews of upcoming products in Korea.

She’s so adorable haha I just have to say for someone that’s 27 she’s so youthful and has a charming personality on Youtube. Some of her collaborations include Joan, Edward, Kim Dao, thebeautybreakdown, to name a few. I’m never disappointed with her videos and they’re of quality I very much appreciate. From her monthly favorites, product reviews, vlogs she’s never one to miss out.

Some of my favorite videos include: Korean Youtubers react to Bollywood | बॉलीवुड पर कोरियाई यूट्यूब वालो की प्रतिक्रिया, K-Pop Idol boygroup does my makeup ft. Hotshot, American – Korean beauty swap ft. Thebeautybreakdown (Morgan), Shopping at labiotte | Korean wine makeup store , New at store: Peripera, Clio, Iope, April Skin and more!!! (March) & Pretty in hoodie makeup (One brand ft. W. Lab) 



Wishtrend is a new K-beauty channel I’m still geting accustomed to but I’ve been familiar with them through Edward, Sunny and Joan. They’re a Korean skincare/makeup site that ships international and offers everything K-Beauty for a great price. I didn’t know that they had a Youtube channel until I saw them on my reccommended videos to watch. Oh boy did I miss out! They have videos that have helped out with what products I should especially directing problems of skin sensitivity, acne, and many more tips for skincare!

What I like so far from their channel is their content, editing and different topics not only skincare but tips on diets, hacks, anti-aging and more. It’s also nice to have a K-Beauty channel that also speaks englishhhhh (excluding from the 3 that I’ve mentioned in this post because they don’t count lol).

Some of my favorite videos include: Kasper’s diet tips on how to lose weight , All about dark circles | 5 causes and hacks to remove dark circles , 5 essential rules for teenage skin care | Teen care essentials box, & How do we get rid of body acne? | The best body wash for body acne 

Liah Yoo

스크린샷 2013-08-25 오전 3.22.21

Last but not least we have the lovely Liah Yoo~ she’s been a favorite for me on K-Beauty as of lately. I actually discovered her through the Jrod twins another channel that does music (you should check them out!). And afterwards I decided to check her videos and so glad I did. I find her to be one of the most thorough and detailed K-Beauty channels so far. Her knowledge of skincare prodcuts, the ingredients and what they do to our skin and reccommendations for acne prone skin especially are fantastic. Not only that but she makes the mile to put Korean subtitles since she’s speaking English like she’s on fire definitely.

I also love her honest opinion about skincare products, whether they be good or bad and her explanation of why. I’m never one to be disappointed by her because she always has such detailed and informative videos that actually end up me taking notes (yes, I do have a little book that I jot skincare tips).

Some of my favorite videos include: The truth of Hyaluronic Acid • The Ordinary HA+B5 vs NIOD MMHC, REAL in flight Skincare Tips & Quick Makeup • How To Lock Moisture and Look Fresh, Sunscreen for Acne prone skin • How to Choose Sunscreens & What to Avoid, Best drugstore & Korean moisturizers for Acne prone skin • Budget Skincare & Affordable!, & Is natural skincare better? Is eye cream necessary? Ft. Gothamista

Well these are my favorite K-Beauty channels that I’m watching more often these days. I hope you enjoyed this post and please make sure to check out all these wonderful channels because they put so much effort into what they do! And as always please like, follow, comment and share this post, see you next time!


4 thoughts on “My favorite K-Beauty Youtube channels!

  1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Korean beauty products! I’m definitely gonna watch a few of these YouTubers and see what they recommend!
    Would love it if you would check out my blog. 💖

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