Music Spotlight: Juncurryahn

For this week’s music spotlight I decided to write about Juncurryahn, one of the biggest musicians on Youtube especially for Kpop. He’s a classically trained violinist (who now plays around with his violin), Youtuber and part of the group Bga. Born in South Korea February 18, 1993 he then moved to Windsor, New Jersey. He chose the violin because of its versatile sound and characteristics that related to his personality. Even though late in College he majored in Radio/Tv/Film and not music he still joined NorthWestern University’s orchestra and participated in the Asian-concentrated dance team Refresh.

During the next years of college Jun has amassed 1 million subscribers, 113 billion views that has flourished up to now. What makes Jun unique as a Youtube artist than most cover artists is that his blend of violin, pop sounds and dancing are creative and fantastic. Which isn’t something you see when scrolling through the many Youtube music channels. Apart from music he also has his show ‘Youtubers do Kpop” where he teaches Youtubers Kpop dances which entails fun, bloopers and overall a chance to bond with some awesome Youtubers.

Some of the achievements he’s received include winning Kollaboration Chicago 2012, which then prompted him to compete at Kollaboration star finale in Los Angeles. He’s been a guest panelist at KCON LA, NY, and Mexico performing and teaching Kpop dances. Along with collaborating with many Youtubers including Wong Fu productions, Arden Cho, Jason Chen, Sungha Jung just to name a few. His popular video PSY’s Gangnam Style (2.4 Million views) even earned him first place in a competition that Psy held in South Korea.

Probably these reasons are why I keep waiting for what Jun’s next video will be because he’s stepped it up with each release. From covers to drama OSTs, Kpop covers infused with violin and dance to mesmerizing collaborations that continue to keep me in awe. Seeing him grow as a Youtuber has been such a pleasure to see; especially where he’s reinvented Kpop (and non-Kpop) songs into his own covers.

Some of my favorite covers are these:

Personally, Jun has been a Youtube artist that I’ve never missed a chance to watch new content from because he’s always re-creating covers. Since he also plays around with the violin he’s able to produce high quality covers that have garnered so much attention. I also have to say that his editing skills are clean and mostly because of his major (but still very impressed haha). I’d highly reccommend his channel to not only Kpop fans but anyone who wants to hear a unique blend covers recreated.

As always you can find Jun on these social media links:




Tumblr (He’s not as active on here)


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