Drama review: Remember

Remember-Poster2Today’s drama review is Remember a thrilling 2016 Korean drama directed by Lee Chang-Min that released 20 episodes on SBS. It depicts the life of Jin-Woo a remarkable boy that has a unique condition called Hyperthmesia which recalls his ability to remember almost anything in perfect detail. His life is changed forever when his father is wrongly convicted of a murder that puts him in jail. In order to prove his innocence Jin-Woo becomes a lawyer with his condition. Although he starts to exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer’s as his father had before.

I have to say getting into this drama I’ve never been sooo heated before haha honestly because the script writing along with the actors and plot was that dynamic. Within the first episode you get a lot of questions and impressions of the characters. There are so many people and ideas to talk about but the most interesting I found was that how the law and justice system works in South Korea. I really loved the authenticity shown by the drama using terminology which some is similar to the law and justice system in most countries. It was an informative drama too with how they delivered and it definitely caught my attention.

20151210004527_56684c97307f3_1Lee In-Ah (Park Min Young) I found to be a strong character in the drama as she becomes a prosecutor and friend to Jin-Woo. She herself believes in the fairness of the justice system that has been corrupted by the powerful. She’s stubborn but compassionate with the right attitude as a prosecutor, in my opinion. One of my favourite lines from the drama comes from In-Ah saying that “I’m a prosecutor but first I am a woman.” And it really packs the punch of the plot of the drama, because Nam Gyu Man (Nam Goong Min) is revealed to sexually assault many women as well as deal in drugs (and of course murder). There is definitely the subtly of women being oppressed by men in Korean society, but in general can also be said to all of society today. If you recognize Min Young from other dramas she was also in City Hunter, Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal to name a few drams. I find her to be a great actress that does deliver in her character roles so I’m very excited to see her in future drama projects!


Yoo Seung-Ho who plays the main lead Seo Jin-Woo. This is the first time I’ve seen Seung-Ho acted in any Korean drama and I would want to see him again. He really brings everything out from the character he plays. A lot of my favourite moments are with his Hyperthymesia and him talking about the law. Since the drama shows the before and after which is 4 years later; we see the change from Jin-Woo when he’s 18 to when he’s 22. The character arc develops with Jin-Woo as initially we see him as this young, naive and weak individual that his father is taken away from him turn into a confident, determined and head strong character. What really broke my heart was towards the end of the drama Jin-Woo is developing his father’s condition – Alztheimer’s and struggles to continue with as he is in court fighting for his father to be cleared of murder. I felt that with the condition it added another obstacle perhaps the biggest compared to the bumps along the way in the drama.

Although out of all the characters that have changed in terms of the development of the drama I have to say that Ahn Soo-Bum who is played by Lee Si-Un went from a quiet, downgraded right man to Nam gyu man to a more open and confident person. For me a personal plus was seeing the various relationships that were developing and being revealed because the drama unfolds new plot twists every episode.

Park Dong-ho (Park Sung-Woong) was another great character that I felt went through a character arc during the course of the drama. He starts off as this very confident almost cocky, suave and very passionate man who is for the people and the law of justice. And  through the case with Jin-Woo’s father against Nam Gyu Man; he changes a lot as he gets thrown around but deep down he still manages to maintain his integrity and make up to Jin-Woo even if he is rejected. Moving on from the characters I generally found the concept intriguing and not to boring. A balanced mix of action and dialogue that would be set at a reasonable pace for the audience to absorb and pick up the story.

There aren’t a lot of negative feedback from me per say as I don’t think there were major errors in terms of the drama being polished and quality driven. I was appreciative that there was a consistency of the characters maintaining their role and being able to stay as their character. Meaning that I find there are some episodes from a drama that you find the character completely goes off from their personality and you’re like WTH?!?!?!?!. It does annoy me if that happens (I have yet to watch a drama where I experienced as some people have went through). And also the story development hasn’t also been inconsistent from watching it as a whole.

In total I think this is a tope 10 must watch drama’s to watch of all time because the characters, story, and script is well written and delivered. I would definitely reccommend this to anyone who is looking for a good drama to watch especially since summer is right there; you can watch the drama on Viki !

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